Stay Hydrated My Friends

With cold winter weather, comes dry air. Dry air will not only cause your skin to dry up and your nose to bleed, it will shrink the doors and windows in your house causing poor fits allowing cold air leaking in. It can also shrink the framing of your home causing cracks in drywall and gaps in trim joints. These types of situations that affect you and your house can easily be solved with a Humidifier System. Comfort Solutions can Install a Whole House Humidifier System, such as a unit from Aprilaire, which will cost you less than the price you would have to pay to remedy all the potential issues that low humidity environments can reap on the human body and a wood-framed house. Stay Hydrated My Friends, Call 396-9514 to Schedule an installation of a new humidifier, or to have us inspect or repair your existing humidifier.

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