Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Comfort Solutions is Offering Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors for your home available through us for $225.00. These will display levels as low as 5 parts per million. Standard off the shelf detectors do not provide this level of protection, as they will not alarm until 4 hours of CO levels sustained above 70ppm. Do you have headaches or dizziness when inside? Do you have an older heating appliance? There may be an unacceptable level of CO in your home that your detector is not picking up. CO is one of the biggest threats your heating system can present you with. When you breath in carbon monoxide, it bonds with your blood cells like oxygen normally would, only the CO molecule does not release from your blood cell like normal air. It stays attached to your blood cell preventing oxygen from getting where it needs to go. Stay a step ahead of carbon monoxide threats to you and your family with a Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector from Comfort Solutions.

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