Air Conditioning in Brunswick, NY

Trane Air ConditionerComfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat is the best choice in Brunswick, NY for servicing your Air Conditioning System. We take care in the fine details of our work to ensure your system operates properly and reliably. Regular maintenance and cleanings are required to keep equipment warranties valid, and also to ensure peak performance. Most small problems can be caught early and repaired before it causes a serious problem. Cleaning your Air Conditioner also helps stop harmful bacteria and mold from growing on coils in your duct system; Comfort Solutions helps keep your Air Conditioner and You healthy. Take care of your Air Conditioner and it will take care of you!

Comfort Solutions is a Full Service Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor backed by a $1,000,000.00 insurance policy.  When designing a new system for our customers in Brunswick, NY, we carefully plan and size the system to maximize efficiency, and maximize your comfort. We also aim to minimize invasive construction while keeping units serviceable and professional looking by using superior craftsmanship, and dedication to our trade.

Comfort Solutions can help our Brunswick, NY customers lower their energy bills by replacing old, noisy, inefficient air conditioning equipment. You will sleep much better on those hot summer nights, worry free and at peace with a New, Quiet, and Cost effective Air Conditioning system.

Today we are hearing a lot about “Ductless Split” units. These systems are very efficient and the perfect solution for our Brunswick, NY customers who do not have, or do not want duct work, but still want to get rid of the old window unit. Ductless Splits are simple and clean to install, consisting of the indoor unit mounted on a wall, and an outdoor unit. They are quiet, and effective. And when winter comes around, the units are capable of providing heat as well. Using a Ductless Split is safer and usually cheaper to operate than standard space heater for heat, and keeps your home more secure than having a window air conditioner prevent you from locking up the house.

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Service options we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Conditioner Service in Brunswick, NY
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance in Brunswick, NY
  • Air Conditioner Installation in in Brunswick, NY
  • Air Conditioner Repair in Brunswick, NY
  • Heat Pump Service in Brunswick, NY
  • Heat Pump Maintenance in Brunswick, NY
  • Heat Pump Installation in Brunswick, NY
  • Heat Pump Repair in Brunswick, NY
  • Ductless Air Conditioning in Brunswick, NY
  • Duct Work Installation, Modification, and Joint Sealing in Brunswick, NY
  • Indoor Air Quality Systems in in Brunswick, NY
  • De-humidification, Air cleaning, Ventilation in Brunswick, NY
  • Ductless split systems in Brunswick, NY
  • Residential and Commercial Service in Brunswick, NY
  • Full HVAC Service in Brunswick, NY

Payment Options Include: Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Card