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Thanks to You!

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat would like to thank all of our customers for hiring us this past season. Your positive feedback, and recommending us to your friends, family, and coworkers has helped grow Comfort Solutions into a well

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Summer and Air Conditioners

Last summer the Capital Region was fortunate enough to dodge long duration heat waves. If we are lucky, this year the heat waves will pass through in just a few days once again. If you don’t share In our optimistic

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Spring Flood Season And Your Sump Pump

It’s now March, and believe it or not we will soon be thawing out from this bone-chilling cold weather. With the coming Spring Thaw, and the amount of snow that will soon be melting, you will want to make sure

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Stay Hydrated My Friends

With cold winter weather, comes dry air. Dry air will not only cause your skin to dry up and your nose to bleed, it will shrink the doors and windows in your house causing poor fits allowing cold air leaking

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Kokosa Oil

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat is now the service provider for Kokosa Oil! We offer service and replacements on all types heating and cooling systems. Call us at 396-9514 to schedule an appointment!

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Have Your Heating System Cleaned and Inspected

Call Comfort Solutions for a full Cleaning and Inspection of your home or Business’ Heating System so you stay well ahead of the game this winter. We can help keep you from relying on a microwaved slice of apple pie

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Winterize your A/C System

Winter is creeping closer, if you haven’t already had Comfort Solutions Service your Heating System, Call and Schedule an appointment today! While we are there making sure you stay warm this winter, let us help to keep you cool for

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Prepare For Winter Now

Winter here in the Capital Region is rough on everyone and everything, including your home’s Heating System. Whether you have a forced air system, hot water system, or steam system, Comfort Solutions in Troy, NY can help. We will make

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Take care of your equiment, and it will take care of you

The basic secret to keeping any piece of equipment fully operational is proper maintenance.  Any good mechanic will tell you that if you take care of your machine it will take care of you.  This is true for your Air Conditioning

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Fourth Of July

Don’t get stuck with a dead Air Conditioning system in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, or the surrounding Capital Region during your Fourth of July! Call today to schedule an Air Conditioner check up and cleaning! 518-396-9513 Happy Independence Day 2014

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