Furnaces In Troy, Brunswick, East Greenbush, and Surrounding Areas

New ThermoPride Furnace. (replaced a 1940's oil furnace) with an Aprilaire 600 humidifier.

New ThermoPride Furnace. (replaced a 1940’s oil furnace) with an Aprilaire 600 humidifier.

Your Furnace is a critical component of your home or business when you live in the Capital Region. Winter tends to stick around for a while here, so keeping warm is a top priority. It’s not just our personal comfort we need to be concerned with, but that of our homes structure, water pipes, and other systems.

A Furnace has many components and can be simple or complex, at its most basic description, a furnace heats the air of your home by blowing air across a hot surface (heat exchanger), heating the air directly. They can have various other components installed along with them to maximize your comfort, such as Humidifiers, UV Light Filters, and Fresh Air Intake Systems.

Comfort Solutions knows how your furnace works, and can Maintain, Repair, and if necessary, Replace your existing furnace.

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