Garage Heating

Unit Heater

Unit Heater

How would you like to get up in the morning to go to work, and have your vehicle warm and ready. We don’t install remote car starters, but we do install unit heaters, infrared heaters, and radient heat systems for your garage.

Unit Heaters can be a separate system with their own fuel source, or tie into your home’s hot water boiler. Infrared Heaters focus on radiating their heat energy to the objects in the area they serve, the objects then help keep the air around them warm. The snow and ice will melt right off of your car. If you are building a new garage, or having a new concrete floor poured, a radiant heat garage floor may be the option you for you. Depending on your setup, these systems can be installed in an attached garage, detached garage, steel building, or even a green house.

Here in the Capital Region, our winters seem to last longer than any other season. If you are a home mechanic, working on your car during these months can present challenges of a freezing, damp floor, cold hand tools, snow and ice stuck to the bottom of you car or truck, not to mention the extra layers of clothes that will make moving around a bit of a pain. Maybe you want to set up a few gym mats and hit a boxing bag in your garage. No matter your use for your garage, having the ability to heat it is a feature that you will be glad to have during our extended cold weather months when you need to spend some time in your garage.

A heated garage is a wonderful luxury, whether you are just parking your car, enjoying your garage workshop, or using it as your home gym. Call Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat to find the best garage heating solution for you.

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