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New Tool!

Rigid propress

Comfort Solutions can now connect copper tubing in your home or business without the hazards associated with a torch. Our new Propress system connects copper tubing for boiler and domestic water systems by applying thousands of pounds of pressure to a specially designed fitting. This method increases the reliability of the connection, and helps us get your job done quicker and safer. There is less equipment to bring into your home or business, and no fumes from a torch to inhale.

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Thanks to You!

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat would like to thank all of our customers for hiring us this past season. Your positive feedback, and recommending us to your friends, family, and coworkers has helped grow Comfort Solutions into a well established HVAC service company. Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing everyone again! Don’t forget us for the up coming heating season!

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Summer and Air Conditioners

Last summer the Capital Region was fortunate enough to dodge long duration heat waves. If we are lucky, this year the heat waves will pass through in just a few days once again. If you don’t share In our optimistic outlook, however, call Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat. We can take care of all your preventative maintenance needs, such as a full A/C system cleaning, and can install new air conditioner systems as well.

Whether you have duct work already or not, Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can find a cooling solution that fits your needs and budget. Have you been interested in replacing your window air conditioner with a whole house system, or a ductless split air conditioner? Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can provide you with a free estimate on the air conditioning options available for you.

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Spring Flood Season And Your Sump Pump

It’s now March, and believe it or not we will soon be thawing out from this bone-chilling cold weather. With the coming Spring Thaw, and the amount of snow that will soon be melting, you will want to make sure that your Sump Pump is ready to go. For Houses that have Sump Pumps, you probably are familiar with what happens when a sump pump fails. Wet basements are a nightmare, especially in a basement you spent tens of thousands of dollars to finish into a living space. Insurance Companies are not fond of flooded basements either.

You should make sure to inspect and clean your Sump Pump at a minimum of once a year, particularly before the spring thaw, when there will be a steady release of a lot of water into the ground. You can inspect and clean your Sump Pump yourself, or have Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat do it for you. If your Sump Pump is at the end of it’s life, Comfort Solutions can replace your sump pump with a high quality brand, like Zoeller Pumps, to give you extra piece of mid, knowing that the lowest floor of your home is protected by the best equipment. If you don’t have a Sump Pump, or have a sump pit dug into your house, Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can excavate a sump pit, and Install a Sump Pump.

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Frozen Pipes

When you are caught off guard with Frozen Pipes, call Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat. We can quickly and safely thaw frozen pipes with our electric pipe thawing equipment. Much safer, easier, and faster than using an open flame torch, a heat gun, or a space heater to thaw your frozen pipes. If you live in the Capital Region of New York, and the extreme cold temperatures have frozen your pipes, Call Comfort Solutions. Frozen pipes can damage, and destroy pipes and plumbing systems. Comfort Solutions will Thaw your frozen pipes, and repair any damage. Call 396-9514

Frozen Water Pipes Service

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Domestic Hot Water Heaters

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat is our name, but not a limitation of our services. Among our services outside of the usual area of Heating and Air Conditioning, is our Domestic Hot Water Heater Service. We install new domestic hot water heaters and service, repair, or replace existing systems.

Domestic Hot Water Heaters have two main forms, Tank type, and Tankless type. The tank type Domestic Hot Water Heater stores (for an average home) 40 to 50 Gallons of hot water in a tank, and keeps it hot and ready for you to take a shower, do the dishes, wash you hands, do the laundry, etc. The tankless type hot water heater does not store any water. Instead, it waits for you to turn on the faucet, and then rapidly heats the water going through the unit to the desired temperature.

Both style systems have advantages and disadvantages. Comfort Solutions can help you decide which system is right for you. We can service or install Domestic Hot Water Systems on any fuel source, for Residential or Commercial environments.

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Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Comfort Solutions is Offering Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors for your home available through us for $225.00. These will display levels as low as 5 parts per million. Standard off the shelf detectors do not provide this level of protection, as they will not alarm until 4 hours of CO levels sustained above 70ppm. Do you have headaches or dizziness when inside? Do you have an older heating appliance? There may be an unacceptable level of CO in your home that your detector is not picking up. CO is one of the biggest threats your heating system can present you with. When you breath in carbon monoxide, it bonds with your blood cells like oxygen normally would, only the CO molecule does not release from your blood cell like normal air. It stays attached to your blood cell preventing oxygen from getting where it needs to go. Stay a step ahead of carbon monoxide threats to you and your family with a Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector from Comfort Solutions.

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Fowler Fuels

Comfort Solutions is now the service provider for Fowler Fuels!

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Stay Hydrated My Friends

With cold winter weather, comes dry air. Dry air will not only cause your skin to dry up and your nose to bleed, it will shrink the doors and windows in your house causing poor fits allowing cold air leaking in. It can also shrink the framing of your home causing cracks in drywall and gaps in trim joints. These types of situations that affect you and your house can easily be solved with a Humidifier System. Comfort Solutions can Install a Whole House Humidifier System, such as a unit from Aprilaire, which will cost you less than the price you would have to pay to remedy all the potential issues that low humidity environments can reap on the human body and a wood-framed house. Stay Hydrated My Friends, Call 396-9514 to Schedule an installation of a new humidifier, or to have us inspect or repair your existing humidifier.

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Kokosa Oil

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat is now the service provider for Kokosa Oil! We offer service and replacements on all types heating and cooling systems. Call us at
396-9514 to schedule an appointment!

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