Condensate Pumps

Standard Condensate Pump

Standard Condensate Pump

Condensate Pumps are the unsung hero’s of the HVAC world. Anytime there is not a passive drainage option for your air conditioning and heating system, a condensate pump is the answer. In the past, Condensate Pumps have been seen almost exclusively used with air conditioning systems. They were there to collect, and send to the sewage system, all the moisture that drains off of the evaporator coil inside your duct work. The moisture collected on the evaporator coil comes from the humidity in the air. In a way, a Condensate Pump is like the bucket on in dehumidifier, only this bucket empties its self.

Today, with the increased use of high efficiency heating systems, Condensate Pumps are used during the winter months as well. High efficiency furnaces, and even boilers produce a build up of moisture, and a drainage solution is needed to remove the water. Once again, the Condensate Pump is the solution of choice when there is no accessible drain.

When Condensate Pumps fail, two things can happen; the first of which is an alarm float inside the Condensate Pump can trigger either an alarm, to let you know the pump is not working, or it can shut your system off entirely leaving you without air conditioning or heat, but with no water damage from an over flowing pump. This brings us to the second thing that could happen should a condensate pump fail. If the float alarm is not connected, your HVAC system will continue to operate, you will have no warning that the pump is not operating, and you will end up with best case scenario, a puddle of water on the basement floor. Worst case scenario is your HVAC system is on a living floor, or in the attic, and your system continues to operate with water dripping onto a floor or ceiling when you are not home, leaving you with water damage. It’s an easy thing to prevent.

Take care of your Condensate Pump, and it will take care of you. Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can clean your condensate pump, to maximize its life. We can also make sure that your Condensate Pumps alarm float is ready to protect and alert you to a problem. If your pump has already failed, or it is reaching the end of its usable life, Comfort Solutions can replace your HVAC systems silent counterpart, the condensate pump.

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