Domestic Hot Water Heaters

Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat is our name, but not a limitation of our services. Among our services outside of the usual area of Heating and Air Conditioning, is our Domestic Hot Water Heater Service. We install new domestic hot water heaters and service, repair, or replace existing systems.

Domestic Hot Water Heaters have two main forms, Tank type, and Tankless type. The tank type Domestic Hot Water Heater stores (for an average home) 40 to 50 Gallons of hot water in a tank, and keeps it hot and ready for you to take a shower, do the dishes, wash you hands, do the laundry, etc. The tankless type hot water heater does not store any water. Instead, it waits for you to turn on the faucet, and then rapidly heats the water going through the unit to the desired temperature.

Both style systems have advantages and disadvantages. Comfort Solutions can help you decide which system is right for you. We can service or install Domestic Hot Water Systems on any fuel source, for Residential or Commercial environments.

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