Spring Flood Season And Your Sump Pump

It’s now March, and believe it or not we will soon be thawing out from this bone-chilling cold weather. With the coming Spring Thaw, and the amount of snow that will soon be melting, you will want to make sure that your Sump Pump is ready to go. For Houses that have Sump Pumps, you probably are familiar with what happens when a sump pump fails. Wet basements are a nightmare, especially in a basement you spent tens of thousands of dollars to finish into a living space. Insurance Companies are not fond of flooded basements either.

You should make sure to inspect and clean your Sump Pump at a minimum of once a year, particularly before the spring thaw, when there will be a steady release of a lot of water into the ground. You can inspect and clean your Sump Pump yourself, or have Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat do it for you. If your Sump Pump is at the end of it’s life, Comfort Solutions can replace your sump pump with a high quality brand, like Zoeller Pumps, to give you extra piece of mid, knowing that the lowest floor of your home is protected by the best equipment. If you don’t have a Sump Pump, or have a sump pit dug into your house, Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can excavate a sump pit, and Install a Sump Pump.

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