Air Conditioning Maintenance

New 2-1/2 ton Trane XR 13 condensing unit

New 2-1/2 ton Trane XR 13 condensing unit

Have Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat perform an air conditioning maintenance service at your home or business. We can clean and inspect your cooling system and address any issues before they cause a problem during that inevitable heat wave!

Comfort Solutions can clean both your evaporator coil (inside the house) and your Condenser Coil (outside) to ensure peak performance and prevent the build up of dangerous bacteria inside your duct work. Comfort Solutions will address any leaks in refrigerant lines, and recharge the refrigerant when needed to maximize efficiency.

We provide air conditioning maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings. Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Heat can service any type of air conditioning system and help keep it running smoothly and worry free.

Air Conditioning Maintenance is important because it can help increase the lifespan of your cooling system, and save you the money and headaches of calling for an emergency repair on the hottest week of the year, when you would want your air conditioner to be fully operational!

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